How Galvin Green’s Multi-Layer Concept can Help your Winter Golf Game

by Maura Hutchinson

How Galvin Green’s Multi-Layer Concept can Help your Winter Golf Game
Winter golf in the UK can be a chilling concept. But if you’re prepared for the weather and the course, 18 or even 9-holes in the cold could actually improve your overall game. Forcing you to adapt to different conditions to make you a better all-round player.

Most golfers dread the end of British summer time. Taking it as a signal that their golf season is over until the following spring. But that doesn’t need to be the case for you. By utilising Galvin Green’s Multi-Layer Concept your body will be prepared to play your favourite sport throughout the year.

One of the premier golf apparel brands, Galvin Green takes its mission to dress you for the course extremely seriously. With the company priding itself as golfers designing for golfers, they know what you’re after each and every time you step up to the tee. Combining the latest manufacturing techniques with the highest quality materials, Galvin Green continues to push the boundaries of performance golf wear.

Their products are without a doubt at the higher end of the price scale but we believe the technologies they use and the superiority of the pieces more than warrant the price tag. Think of it this way - if you’re willing to pay a certain amount for waterproofs and Galvin Green is slightly higher than another brand, you are only paying the difference but getting the best!

The brand’s Multi-Layer Concept Range has been carefully curated to bring you the precise combinations to ensure the ultimate in performance, playability and comfort regardless of the weather. By combining outer protection with thermal regulation and dry comfort, the brand has produced a line of apparel you can mix and match to complement the conditions you’re playing in.

This full range of high-tech gear is broken down into four colour-coded categories – red (shell), orange (warm), blue (cool) and green (base). Featuring exceptional pieces that ultilise the best of the brand’s high-performance technology, including Gore-Tex for rain and wind protection, Ventil8 for cooling, INSULA for warm yet breathable layers and SkinTight for base layers suitable for any temperature.

Golfers are often weary of wearing too many layers as they could affect your swing or cause you to overheat. But the pieces available from Galvin Green have been specifically created with the golfer in mind. Offering you full protection from the elements without over bulk. Breathability is also a fundamental key to the range. With the INSULA warm range giving you thermal insulation but also maximum breathability to enable the release of excess heat and moisture.

Don’t let the winter stop your golf game. Take advantage of less traffic on the course and further hone your amazing skills in the colder months. Check out the full Galvin Green range available at GolfOnline today and complete your perfect Multi-Layer Concept.