Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey test the best-putting aids.

Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey test the best-putting aids.

We enlisted Mark Crossfield and Matt (Coach) Lockey to trial and test out some of our best training aids. Watch their course Vlogs with our travel partner Your Golf Travel to see if it helps. (the ygt has a link to the ygt holiday page..) --> Check out our latest Golf escapes.

Their genius is in their simplicity.

This couldn't be any truer with the PGA Tour Pro Putting Warm-Up Set. These are simple 3 golf balls with arrows printed on, then when you putt the arrow should be continuous over and over if the arrows wobble then your stroke hasn't come through impact square and on the correct path. PGA Tour Pro Putting Warm Up Set

The SKLZ 21 Inch Putting Mirror helps you line up the putter and see if your eyes are over the ball as they should be. SKLZ 21 Inch Putting Mirror

The TaylorMade TR3 True Path helps create a perfectly smooth straight back and straight through putting stroke with the adjustable magnetic strips to allow different levels of difficulty. TaylorMade TR3 True Path

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