New Study says Golf is Good for Mental and Physical Health

by Maura Hutchinson

We knew it all along – the positives of a round of golf greatly outweigh the negatives.  As a new study suggests, our favourite pastime should be taken up by more people looking to improve their overall health.

In an article published last month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, experts revealed regular rounds of golf could help to reduce risk factors for heart disease and stroke as well as have added benefits for the mind and body. The panel reviewed more than 300 studies on the sport to determine its many positives, including the improvement of strength and balance (especially in older players).

Beyond listing the benefits of regular play, the panel also gave recommendations for the sport moving forward. Urging the golf industry to develop a more inclusive culture that would inspire more female players as well as promote diversity throughout the sport.

“These outputs, if widely shared and adopted, will contribute to an improved understanding of golf and health, and aid these groups in making evidence-informed decisions and to improve health and wellbeing,” stated the panel.

Listed as a moderate intensity aerobic physical activity, golf poses a limited risk of injury for most players and boasts an increase in mental health as well as giving players a good social circle. Even more awesome – the article suggests golfers should be aiming to play 150 minutes a week. So ditch the cart and get out on the course!

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