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New Year, New Gear – The Latest in 2014 Irons, Wedges and Putters

2014 Golf Equipment

Continuing our look at the best of 2014, we move on this week from the woods to the rest of the equipment in your bag. From the sleekest irons to the latest wedges and putters, here’s our top picks to get you excited about your imminent return to the golf course.

Irons- Steel VS Graphite

Looking for a new set of irons but confused as to whether you should get a steel or graphite shaft?

Pricewise, graphite is a more costly material than steel, so they are usually the more expensive of the two.

Graphite shafts are made from carbon fibre and offer players a lighter club, translating to faster swing speeds and therefore greater distance on shots. However, steel shafts, while heavier, are still favoured by many golfers as they offer better feedback on ball/face contact and overall feel, giving way to more consistent performance levels.

With most brands catering to both types, it is mainly a decision brought down to personal preference.

Cobra Bio Cell Irons (Graphite Shaft)

The new Cobra Bio Cell range represents a story of exciting innovation for a brand that’s beginning to create quite a stir on the golf course. The Bio Cell Irons are at the forefront of this technology. Featuring the largest unsupported face Cobra has ever produced to offer golfers more distance, better control and improved accuracy. Available in the complete Bio Cell colour range this is performance plus personalisation at its best.

Available for female golfers, the Cobra Ladies Bio Cell Irons (Graphite Shaft).

Callaway X2 Hot Irons (Graphite Shaft)

Slight tweaks to last year’s X Hot model give the Callaway X2 Hot Irons the edge on both forgiveness and distance. A new cavity design combined with Stabilizing Arch provides great sound and feel with every strike, while perimeter weighting ensures higher launch angles, better distance and stoppage on the greens. Why wouldn’t you want them?

Available for female golfers, the Callaway Ladies X2 Hot Irons (Graphite Shaft).

Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Irons (Steel Shaft)

Nike’s out to create a confident and aggressive golfer and the VR_S Covert 2.0 Irons strive to help their cause. Boasting a deeper cavity than its predecessor, the VR_S Covert 2.0 offers a lower centre of gravity for maximum launch and decreased side spin. Nike Golf Irons Innovation Engineer, Chris Savage says, “Throughout development, these irons have proven to be the best distance irons we have created to date.” Sounds good to us!

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons (Steel Shaft)

The MC in TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred Irons stands for “muscle cavity,” with the brand declaring them the perfect balance of beauty, feel and consistency. They definitely are pretty and with the addition of Speed Pocket technology in the 3-7 iron, they are amazing in terms of playability and performance.

Odyssey- the Putter Experts

Odyssey Tank 1 Versa Putter

The putter made for players of all abilities the Odyssey Tank 1 is a must-have in your golfing arsenal. Tank technology, including a heavier shaft and head, offers more stability and control throughout your swing. While the contrasting Versa design ensures effective alignment. With the mixing of these two innovative technologies, the results are sure to be game changing!

Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 Putter

Don’t be fooled by its classic shape, this putter packs a ton of modern technology, including an incredible White Hot Insert. The new design of the White Hot Pro #2 yields a slightly heavier head for more control and better feel, while the face of the club ensures consistent sound. Helping you gain confidence and control with every stroke.

Odyssey Versa 2-Ball White Putter with SuperStroke Grip

A high contrast head design gives this putter the edge on lining up and sinking those birdies. Odyssey hasn’t changed much about the winning formula of this club except to add on the SuperStroke Grip. This important addition helps to eliminate tension in the hands and forearms, enabling more consistent and fluid strokes. Recently utilized by Phil Mickelson, the company thought the SuperStroke would be a great benefit to their Versa 2-Ball. We couldn’t agree more!

Odyssey Ladies White Hot Pro #1 Putter

For the ladies Odyssey offers the amazing White Hot technology in the White Hot Pro #1 Putter. A redesign, that includes a slightly heavier head, has given way to amazing results. Offering players more consistent sound, feel and distance control. Combined with a traditional yet sleek design this is your must-have putter for 2014!

Cobra’s Latest Wedge

Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge (satin)

Inspired by Cobra’s top Tour players including Ian Poulter and Ricky Fowler, the new Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge is a true performance wedge. Carefully crafted to offer the ultimate in versatility, feel and control it’s available in a sleek satin finish or the Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge Black for reduced glare.

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