Odyssey Red Ball Putter - Replicate your Set Up with Every Putt

by Maura Hutchinson

Odyssey Golf is taking putter design to new levels with what the brand believes is their first super game-improvement putter.  Introducing the Odyssey Red Ball Putter, engineered specifically to help golfers gain better alignment and better scope for a better putt each and every time.

The unique design feature of the Red Ball Putter rests in an actual little red ball enclosed in a scope. Line this up in the centre and you can be assured you’ll be replicating your set up each and every time you step onto the green. By using the ball feature Odyssey is forcing you to set up with your eyes directly over the ball, ensuring you have an accurate view line for your putts.

The Red Ball Putter further benefits from a number of Odyssey technologies including the incredible White Hot RX face insert that will give you improved sound, feel and roll. The improved Versa High Contrast alignment will aid in helping you set up on your intended line, whilst a mallet head design has allowed Odyssey engineers to take the weight out of the centre of the head and redistribute it into the perimeter of the head for added forgiveness, higher MOI, more consistent ball speeds and directional control.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out world renowned golf instructor Hank Haney as he explains Odyssey’s newest arrival…