Patrick Reed isn’t impressed with his FREE Baseball Seats in Boston

by Maura Hutchinson

The Dell Technologies Championship tees off today in Boston but there is one major winner in the line up who might receive a frosty reception from the hometown fans.

Masters winner Patrick Reed took to Twitter to “thank” the PGA Tour for their free seats which the Reed family then paid $650 to upgrade. The post seems to suggest Reed, his wife and his sister-in-law were unimpressed that they were still seated with the rest of the PGA Tour in the “line drive section.”

Judging from the comments, it appears there is no such section in a baseball stadium and the post has done little to improve Reed’s reputation as arrogant and somewhat bullish. With many taking to social media to voice their distaste for the 28-year-old.

As Reed tees off at TPC Boston this morning we’re guessing the fans lining the course might also let him know how they’re feeling. But as the Nike player has stated before, he uses the negativity to his advantage and doesn’t really care what people think of him.

“People who go against me just fuel my fire,” Reed told reporters after his Masters win in April. “It allows me to go and try to prove to them that I have every right to win just as much as everyone else does.”

This should make for an interesting weekend!