Phil Mickelson Trumps Tiger Woods on the “Fortunate 50” List

Phil Mickelson Trumps Tiger Woods on the “Fortunate 50” List
He might not have made his mark at Pinehurst over the weekend, but American Phil Mickelson became the top golfer this week, albeit not on the actual golf course.

The recently turned 44-year-old doesn’t have a win in 2014 just yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from reaching number 6 on Fortune Magazine’s “Fortunate 50” list. Coming in one spot ahead of former number 1 golfer in the world, Tiger Woods.

While Mickelson’s earnings on the golf course last year were topped by nine other golfers, it was his endorsement deals away from the course from companies like Callaway and Barclays that earned the American a combined total of $37 million USD in 2013. Woods wasn’t far behind at $35.5 million USD.

Last week Mickelson was hoping to capture the last major needed to complete his Grand Slam at the U.S. Open. But a lacklustre performance at Pinehurst meant the 6-time runner-up didn’t even get close this year, finishing T28 at 7-over. 

But the Callaway player seemed undeterred by his latest U.S. Open fail. Telling reporters on Sunday, “You've got to put it all together to win a major championship.”

Adding, “In this day and age, somebody's going to play well. You can't get by with scraping it around, you have to have it all firing.  I didn't have it all firing this week, but there will be other chances.” 

A positive outlook from the golfer who turned 44 the following day.

Mickelson is now scheduled for a break from the greens, returning next month to defend his Scottish Open title at Royal Aberdeen. Last year this proved key in helping the Callaway golfer conquer the Open Championship the following week.

So will a trip across the pond help to reignite Mickelson’s game and deliver his first victory of 2014?

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