Take a Closer Look at the NEW Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

The Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges have been revealed and they’re everything you’ve come to expect from Wedge Master Craftsman Bob Vokey. Featuring the brand’s first redesigned grooves in six years, the new SM9 range covers 23 loft/bounce combinations with six Tour-proven sole grinds. Read on to find out more and when you can purchase your new wedges from GolfOnline.

 Superior Distance and Trajectory Control

 Titleist wants to help you hit it closer more often. That’s why they’re taking the forward centre of gravity and raising it even further. The Progressive CG employed in the SM8 has been further enhanced for the SM9 range, helping to promote a more controlled ball flight and solid contact.

A Matrix that Fits Every Condition

Six Tour-proven sole grinds create a range that offer the ultimate in wedge customisation and shot versatility.Titleist knows what works but also understands the difference between players.That’s why they offer a unique setup that ensures the needs of every level of player can be met.

F Grind: All Purpose Grind for Full Wedge Shots
Ideal for players who prefer a traditional sole wedge. The most played sand wedge on Tour.

S Grind: Narrow and Versatile
Features a full sole that’s been narrowed by a trailing edge grind to give it a faster feel through the turf. Best for neutral to firm conditions.

M Grind: Multi-Purpose Grind for Versatility
Vokey’s favourite is designed for the player that likes to rotate the club face open and closed to maneuverer shots around the green.

D Grind: The Player’s High Bounce Wedge
Blends versatility from a heel, toe and trailing edge grind and forgiveness with its measured bounce. Perfect for players with a steeper angle of attack.

L Grind: Maximum Versatility
The lowest bounce option in the range. The heel, toe and trailing edge relief allow for maximum greenside versatility. Perfect for firm conditions and for precise players who have complete control at impact.

K Grind: The Ultimate in Soft Conditions
The highest bounce in the range and the ultimate bunker club. Featuring a wide, full sole wedge with enhanced camber, it’s forgiving from a variety of softer sand and turf conditions.

Nothing Spins like a Vokey

Titleist isn’t a company that makes changes for the sake of making changes. When they find something that works and that Tour players are happy with, they stick with it. That’s why they haven’t redesigned their SM wedge grooves since the SM6 (six years ago!). But now the brand is ready to introduce their latest technology – Spin Milled Grooves.

Featuring a new “spin milled” cutting process that creates the entire scoreline instead of a partial one, gives the SM9 tighter manufacturing tolerances resulting in sharper grooves that are closer to the USGA limits. Micro-grooves are individually cut in between grooves to maximise spin on partial shots. A localised heat treatment is also applied to the impact zone to double the durability of the grooves.

Why is spin so important? Allow the guys from Titleist to explain….


The SM9 offer three sleek finish options to further enhance your personal style. Choose from classic Chrome, modern brushed steel or jet black. A raw version is also available as is a number of engraving and stamping options.

Custom Fit for the Ultimate in Wedge Performance

“It sounds simple, but having the correct wedge and knowing when to use it has a direct impact on scoring performance. The most important thing for golfers at every level is to know when and where to use the variety of wedges in their bag. That can be achieved by being properly fit based on swing and style of play, and understanding the roles for each,” says Bob Vokey.

Still unsure what SM9 wedge is best for your game? The best way to ensure your clubs are right for your swing is to book in a custom fit session. At GolfOnline our fitters will walk you through every step of the process to help you select the perfect loft, bounce and grind options for your wedges.

The new Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges are available to pre-order at GolfOnline (stocks arriving from the 11th March 2022).

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