TaylorMade have gone Twisted in 2018 – Check out the new M3 and M4 Drivers

by Maura Hutchinson

TaylorMade Golf is looking to transform your 2018 rounds – and it’s totally TWISTED. Meet the all new M3 and M4 Drivers. Specifically engineered to go farther and straighter than ever before, the brand’s latest range of woods and irons will replace the current M1 and M2 lines when they’re released next month.

“Why hasn’t someone thought of this before” – Rory McIlroy

TaylorMade has put some serious effort into their newest creation. With their top designers researching the best possible way to correct mishits, they have literally changed the face of golf forever. Looking carefully at the nuances of the human swing as opposed to a robot’s swing, TaylorMade concluded it was time to add a twist to the outdated driver face. The result is the brand’s revolutionary Twist Face technology and it will blow your socks off! Curved open in the high toe area of the face for more loft and curved slightly closed in the low heel to reduce loft, this unique design promises to garner you more fairways than you have ever hit before. Just ask Dustin Johnson, who used the new M4 to win his first title of 2018 last Sunday at the Sentry Tournament of Champions.

“The driver (TaylorMade M4 Driver) was what really won me the golf tournament.” Johnson told reporters after cruising to an 8-stroke victory in Hawaii. Adding, “I don’t think I hit a bad drive all week.”

Here’s just one of those drives that got a lot of people talking about DJ and his new gear:

Beyond the Twist…

The innovations available in the M3 and M4 don’t stop with the Twist Face. Both models also employ what TaylorMade has dubbed Hammerhead technology. Pushing the limits of ballspeed by creating a giant sweet spot that will increase speed and forgiveness across the whole of the face. The M3 design also boasts a new Y-Track feature that offers golfers two moveable weights to personalise ball flight for draw, fade, high or low. Allowing you to adjust the club to produce your ultimate trajectory, maximum forgiveness or total raw speed. In the M4 model you will find Geocoustic technology that delivers a solid, explosive sound at impact as well as a larger, more forgiving face.

Check out how five of the world’s best players handled the new M3 and M4 drivers below:

The M3 and M4 Drivers will be hitting the UK market from February 16, 2018. Both models are available with a wide variety of custom premium shafts. Meaning you can further customise these incredible drivers to really up your long game!

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