TaylorMade’s Newest Ball Creation has “you” in Mind

by Maura Hutchinson

TaylorMade’s Newest Ball Creation has “you” in Mind
Designed to benefit the average golfer, TaylorMade’s PROJECT (a) Golf Ball has been specifically engineered to help improve performance when and where you need it most.
The “A” stands for amateur and the staple brand has worked hard to ensure it hits the target.  Unlike the Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X, TaylorMade’s newest 3-piece ball design uses the latest technology to control ball spin.  Increasing when you’re in and around the greens yet offering low spin off the driver to help promote longer and straighter drives.
TaylorMade’s vice president of golf ball R&D, Dean Snell explains, “Our tests indicate that amateurs miss the pin by an average of 35 yards on a 150 yard approach shot.  Playing Project (a) gives amateur golfers a better chance at stopping the ball on the green, creating better scoring opportunities.”
By enhancing golf ball control, PROJECT (a) hopes to start closing the gap between the amateurs and the pros.  This impressive feat from TaylorMade will be available in the UK from the 21st of March.