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The Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges will Help get you Closer than Ever Before

The Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges will Help get you Closer than Ever Before
Cleveland Golf has pulled out all the stops to create their newest wedge designs. Check out the RTX-3 Wedges featuring the brand’s incredible Feel Balancing Technology as well as three distinct V-shaped sole grinds.

(*Each dot above represents where each wedge shot landed relative to where it was struck on the face (see key). Cleveland Golf Conducted this test using a swing robot outdoors in light wind conditions (3-7 mph) with full swings using 52-degree wedge models featuring stock stiff flex steel shafts.)

In a bid to help you get closer than ever before, Cleveland went back to the drawing board to reimagine what they believe are their best wedges yet. The designers sought to solve two wedge problems – the CoG being pulled towards the heel of the club instead of the centre of the face as well as speed loss through the turf.

The RTX-3 Wedges incorporate Feel Balancing Technology - Cleveland’s answer to the first problem. This patent-pending innovation helps shift the CoG to the centre of the face, the “impact zone.” This is turn decreases vibration and maximises head stability at impact to improve feel and tighten shot dispersion for maximum control.

So how did they do it?  Cleveland decided to remove mass from below the hosel bore and also shorten the hosel on the RTX-3s. This allowed them to move 9 grams of mass thus pulling the CoG towards the centre of the face to give you better feel, distance and spin.

Cleveland’s innovative V-shaped sole grinds address the second issue. Through their turf simulation they were able to see that wedges lose on average about 52% of their speed through the turf. By adding bounce in the leading edge of the RTX-3, the designers were able to increase stability to help retain some of that lost speed. Next, they ground down the trailing edge to create the desired V-shape. So the leading edge stays low and retains its versatility. The end result is that the RTX-3 wedges only lose 29% of their speed through the turf.

The V-Shape is available in three tour-proven sole grinds:

V-LG: Offers the lowest effective bounce. Perfect for firm course play and offering totally versatility.

V-MG: Offers mid-range effective bounce for all-around playability. This grind will suit the widest range of short game styles and course conditions.

V-FG: Offers the highest effective bounce. Perfect for softer turf and steeper attack angles.

So what do the pros think? Cleveland golfer Graeme McDowell uses the V-MG and says, “any shot that I am going to face on any turf, anywhere in the world, these things are ready.”

This incredible short game innovation is available at GolfOnline now. Check out the full range of Cleveland RTX-3s and start getting closer to the hole than ever before!

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