The Long and the Short of It – Anchored Putters aren’t Illegal

The Long and the Short of It – Anchored Putters aren’t Illegal
The anchored putter ban has been the talk of golf courses around the globe for months but did you know it doesn’t mean your long putter will become illegal?

Everyone has heard about the new rule change soon to be coming into effect on anchored putting. It has been highlighted in the news just how unhappy some of the top PGA Tour players are, with some looking at taking legal action over the ruling!

There have been a number of high-profile winners of Majors in recent years using an anchored putters, including Kegan Bradley, Adam Scott and Ernie Els.

Rule 14-1b, will come into effect on January 1st stating that a player 'must not anchor the club, either "directly" or by use of an anchor point', although players won't be penalised if they play a shot unintentionally.

Most golfers using long putters believe it is the long putter that is banned, but that is not the case! You are free to use long putters after January 2016 as long as you adhere to these restraints:

  • The club cannot have a fixed pivot point attached to the body in any way.
  • You cannot have any part of your arm or hand attached to your body to create a pivot point.
  • The putter has to have a free range of movement.

So despite the press and media YOU CAN still use your long putter!

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Check out this Mark Crossfield video talking about the pros and cons of anchored putting.

Or if you want to the boring version from the R&A and the USGA then you can watch this. Warning…factual information, not made for entertainment! 

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