Theragun - Could Percussive Massage Therapy Help Your Golf Game?

For most athletes, performance and recovery go hand-in-hand. Taking care of your body and giving it the opportunity to repair and heal are vital to ensuring you stay fit and healthy. Theragun by Therabody is one tool making headway in the percussive massage therapy market. Garnering support from professional athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Mo Farah, Maria Sharapova and PGA Pro Collin Morikawa.

We’re taking a closer look at the tool being touted as a game-changer by both professionals and everyday people around the globe.And exploring the innovative technology used to power the Therabody brand.

What is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive therapy is a type of soft tissue massage treatment using a drill-like tool. It works by massaging muscles using a repetitive vibration and pulsing movement. The therapy has been proven to help with chronic pain, muscle strain, increases blood circulation, breaks down scar tissue, prevents injury, aids recovery and can even improve sleep.
Theragun uses a precise, scientifically-calibrated 16mm of amplitude, reaching 60 percent deeper into muscle than others on the market. Going beyond mere vibration, Theragun devices leave the surface of the skin at 40x per second. A speed range of 1750-2400 percussions per minute, was scientifically-calibrated to allow the device to target a localised area of the body without eating the brain acclimate to the stimulation.

Born from a Need. Not a Trend.

In 2009, Dr. Jason Wersland was searching for a way to help with his pain after suffering a traumatic motorcycle accident. Using his chiropractic expertise, Wersland set out to create a makeshift tool that would help patients take charge of their daily wellness, and the Theragun was born.
Over the past decade, Theragun has used patient feedback and Wersland’s knowledge to develop tools that offer effective natural solutions to everyone. Today, the company works alongside some of the world’s top physical therapists, trainers, engineers and scientists to ensure their products reflect the latest innovations.

The Theragun Approach

From whole teams, like Red Bull Racing and Manchester United, to the world’s top coaches including David Leadbetter, Theragun is proving to be a great companion at home and on the go, providing expert recovery when and where you need it most.

Theragun 4th Generation

Explore the benefits of the Theragun 4th generation models below. Devices that have been specifically designed using QuietForce Technology to deliver unrivalled power and speed that’s also quiet.

Theragun Pro

With a rotating arm, continuous battery life and an industry-leading 2-year warranty, the PRO is the advanced, professional-grade recovery tool of choice for professionals and everyday people worldwide. Includes a hard case, battery charger and 6 attachments.

Theragun Elite

The elegantly designed ultimate wellness partner is quieter than ever. Integrating a personalised app experience to reduce your tension, whether it comes from everyday life, work or workouts. Includes hard case, power adapter and 5 attachments.

Theragun Prime

With the intuitive app as your guide, the Prime offers deep muscle treatment simplified for your needs with the essential therapy features to release everyday stress and strain. Includes pouch, 4 attachments and power adapter.

Theragun Mini

The Mini is your pocket-sized partner, giving you Theragun quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. Compact but powerful, the Mini is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you do. Includes a soft case, 1 attachment and power adapter.

Therabody Multi Purpose Yoga & Fitness Mat

This multi-functional, non slip yoga and fitness mat is soft, comfortable and larger than most on the market. Made from high grade PU, it offers super grip when wet or dry and high density rubber cushioning for added joint protection. Perfect for any workout!

Wave Series

With the incredible Wave Series, the brand offers three distinct shape rollers to meet the specific needs of the body’s unique physiology. Texturized silicon helps add an additional dimension of muscle work to deliver an even more effective vibration.

Wave Solo

This ultra-portable smart vibration device will deliver pinpoint pressure and vibration to a focused area, helping to reduce tension and improve movement. A modern take on the traditional lacrosse ball massage, the Solo uses vibration to dampen the pain typically felt while digging deep into muscle. Includes carrying pouch and USB-A to USB-C cable.

Wave Duo

The impressive Duo has been ergonomically contoured to the back, spine and neck. This portable smart vibrating roller is uniquely versatile. Five powerful vibration frequencies and high-traction wave grooves work to deliver just the right angles of pressure to your area of need. Includes carrying pouch and USB-A to USB-C cable.

Wave Roller

This smart vibrating foam roller is Bluetooth enabled with five intensity settings, allowing you to tailor both your warm-up and recovery from your mobile device using the Therabody App. Includes charger and deluxe carrying bag.

Therabody App - Personalised Wellness Routines

Take your health and wellness to a whole new level when you connect your Theragun device to the brand’s own app. Expertly designed to take into account your real-time activities and behaviors, the Therabody App integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit to recommend guided personalised routines that can be run on your Theragun Bluetooth enabled device.
Search through a comprehensive library of routines based on your own activities, injuries and/or ailments. Clear rendered 3D models show you exactly which muscles to treat, as well as advice on which attachments and grip you should be using.

The Theragun Golf Routine

“Golfing requires unique movements that put a lot of strain on muscles and bodies overall. As a golfer myself, preparing my body before walking on the course has been key to improving my game,” says Dr. Jason Wersland.
Therabody brand ambassador Collin Morikawa is one of the game’s most promising stars. Winner of the 2021 Open Championship and the Race to Dubai,Morikawa has been using Theragun since his days playing college golf for UC Berkeley. Since turning pro in 2019, the two-time major winner has continued using the devices during his warm-up, mid-round and recovery routines.

“When every shot counts out there, Theragun is the most effective tool that helps me rise to that challenge—on and off the course. Using my Theragun daily helps keep me ahead of the competition... even when we’re all playing our best game,” says Morikawa.

The Theragun Tools Collin Trusts…

Watch how Theragun can help with Golfer’s Elbow…

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