Titleist CNCPT Irons - Redefining what's possible

In 2016, Titleist Golf gave their R&D team the ultimate task – produce a limited concept line of irons without any restrictions on money or method. With no constraints, and unlimited resources, Titleist unveiled the CONCPT range. At the end of 2020, two new CNCPT Irons were added to the exclusive line, once again redefining what’s possible when the limits are endless. 

A Feat of Golf Engineering

So, what exactly can an R&D team achieve when given carte blanche? The new CONCPT irons give us a pretty good idea. Through the use of exotic materials, engineers have delivered a new Super Metal L-Face Insert, which Titleist says gives them the thinnest unsupported face in golf.

 “CNCPT is the dream project for our engineers. We’re on the journey to not only design the ultimate iron – but actually figure out how to make it,” explains Marni Ines, Director of Iron Development for Titleist.

At the minute, the brand hasn’t named the exact alloy they’re using, but they are the first to use the premium metal in golf and have confirmed it takes months to source.

“It’s difficult to obtain and extremely challenging to implement into the manufacturing process, but the benefits to the overall construction in terms of ball speed, launch, distance and trajectory are just astounding,” says Ines.

Along with the super unique metal face, Titleist has infused its latest line of CONCPT irons with an extreme amount of high-density tungsten weighting to further improve stability and forgiveness. All this goes a long way in helping to prove Titleist’s boast that these are the finest irons a golfer will ever play.

3 Models Support the Essence of Unyielding Will

Originally launched in 2019, the CP-02 Irons are staying in the new range. Featuring a progressive muscle back profile, these irons offer minimal offset and average 113g of tungsten weighting per club.

The new CP-03 Irons offer golfers a progressive midsize muscle back profile with minimal offset. Averaging 104g of tungsten weighting per iron helps to improve stability and forgiveness, making them a great players’ distance iron.

Featuring a progressive midsize profile and sleek design, the CP-04 are the game-improvement irons of the range. With a moderate offset and an average of 100g of tungsten weighting per club, the CP-04 improves on the original CP-01 to deliver the ultimate in enhanced speed and accuracy.
A Level of Performance Unmatched

Limitless perfection obviously doesn’t come cheap. A CNCPT set of irons will set you back £500 per club. But Titleist believes these are the ultimate examples of what a golf iron can be. And they’re ready to offer them up to a select group of players whose game and personal discernment, merit such an achievement.

The exceptional series has been specifically designed to allow players the opportunity to construct their ideal blend of irons, mixing and matching between any of the three models. A superior look, feel and performance ensures a seamless transition in any combination.

At GolfOnline we are proud to stock the latest CNCPT range, including the CP-02, CP-03 and CP-04 irons. Standard sets are available, but you can also get custom fit for your new set to further enhance the CNCPT experience. Call a member of the GolfOnline team today and begin your journey to the most satisfying ball-striking experience imaginable.

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