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Top 6 Suggestions for Waterproof and Rain Resistant Essentials

Keep all your important Golf gear dry with our waterproof range of accessories

At GolfOnline we encourage our customers to get out on the course regardless of the season. Learning to adapt your golf skills to different conditions is the best way to build up consistency and strength within your game. During times of rain it’s vital to protect your equipment to ensure it’s performance ready. Below are our top 6 essential waterproof accessories for this autumn/winter season.

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1. Waterproof Golf Bags

Your first line of defense when faced with rainy weather is to make sure your golf bag is up to the challenge of not only protecting your clubs but also guarding the other important pieces you store away. A soaked through bag can quickly ruin your chances of navigating a soggy course. Many of the top brands are taking this into consideration and producing golf bags ready to take on a rainy round.

The Callaway Aqua Dry Tri-Brid Stand Bag is a great example of quality craftsmanship that’s weather resistant and looks great on the course. From the brand that sponsors golf greats like Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els, this luxury stand bag offers you ample space and storage ensuring your gear stays protected and dry throughout your time on the greens. A sturdy base gives the Callaway Aqua Dry extra versatility making it easy to use the stand or store safely in your trolley.

If you’re looking for options in size, colour and function, Sun Mountain has an incredible selection of H2NO waterproof bags perfect for getting you weather ready this season! From vibrant hues sure to get you noticed on the course to sturdy designs that help to optimise performance, you’ll be able to find the perfect waterproof bag to complement your game.  

2. Waterproof Golf Bag Covers

A waterproof golf bag can only offer so much protection as you travel around 18 holes.  Herein lies the need for extra coverage.  At GolfOnline we offer a wide range of golf bag rain covers perfect for keeping water at bay. This helps to ensure your equipment is strike-ready at a moments notice.

The Hill Billy Golf Bag Rain Cover is an adaptable solution that provides excellent shelter for your clubs. With adjustable fasteners, it’s compatible with all golf bags. Offering you peace of mind and a solid protective layer for when the rain clouds role in.

3. Golf Towels

As you play in the rain beads of water can collect on the club you’re using. Slippery shafts can cause hands to fumble and slide, wreaking havoc on your grip and leaving your game to suffer frustrating consequences. To prevent this from happening it’s a good idea to always carry a clean and dry golf towel with you. By taking the time to dry clubs before and after use, you will lessen the effects of wet conditions. Helping your game stay consistent and strong despite the changing weather.

The Nike Tri-Fold Golf Towel is a great option for any golfer. A fairly large embroidered towel, it highly benefits from its solid black colour as well as innovative design ribs. Helping to lessen the effects of a muddy round and able to clean out small grooves! Easy to wash, its carabiner attachment system means it’s also totally simple to store, clipping right on to your bag.

4. Golf Umbrellas

While you wait around for your group to finish off their shots it’s important to stay out of the rain.

Wet weather trousers and jackets will keep you dry and comfy once you step up to the tee but in the meantime a big golf umbrella will make the waiting game a whole lot more enjoyable.

Nike Golf’s 62 Inch Windproof III Umbrella offers golfers a stylish yet functional retreat from a rainy fairway. Available in classic black or a bold red, you can feel free to choose the option to best suit your personal style. Created with a reinforced fiberglass shaft, this is a lightweight and super durable umbrella. Making it the must-have accessory this season.  

5. Golf Umbrella Holder

So how do you hold that wet umbrella and move your trolley around the course?  In the game of golf the minute details can make all the difference. When dealing with adverse weather conditions thinking ahead and making small tweaks to maximise your comfort levels can really go a long way.

The PGA Tour Umbrella Holder is a fantastic accessory that takes away the annoyance of lugging around a wet umbrella. This smart and innovative design fits onto most Push, Pull and Electric Golf Trolleys. Making it possible to keep you and your precious golf gear protected and dry.     

6. All Weather Gadget Protection

When hitting the greens this season you might be bringing along gadgets to help up your game or simply carrying your mobile phone with you. No matter what you decide to take around the course they will need to be kept clear of water to ensure they continue working safely and properly.

The Eze Kaddy All Weather Soft Mobile Case is a great accessory perfect for securing your digital devices. Adjustable straps make this durable case compatible with a number of smart phones, GPS systems and MP3 Players. Foam inserts ensure a solid fit while a clear screen in the front allows you to use all your touch screen features. Perfect and safe for any wet weather situation!

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