Cobra Golf Set to Unlock New Levels of Speed with AEROJET Woods & Irons

It is the month of new releases. Straight on the heels of the holiday season, golfers are now being gifted the newest hardware releases from golf’s biggest brands, including Cobra Golf. With their latest lineup, the AEROJET series of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, Cobra is determined to help players achieve new levels of speed that were thought impossible until now. Read on to find out if the AEROJET range is right for your game.

Cobra AEROJET Drivers – Distance by Design

For Cobra, the main objective in the AEROJET driver design was to help golfers swing their fastest. Validated by some of the greatest players in the world, including new Cobra staffer Gary Woodland, the AEROJET drivers feature a raised skirt, symmetrical shaping and streamlined edges to ensure the greatest speed.

Utilising the latest in technologies, the AEROJET drivers benefit from an Advanced Aero Shaping that adds club speed to your swing. Other innovations include PWR-BRIDGE Weighting, which places the weight in a low and forward position to help deliver greater ball speed and low spin, as well as the incredible PWRSHELL H.O.T Face, featuring 15 individual hot spots that increase both speed and launch.

3 Choices for Speed to Fit your Unique Swing


Fact Finder: Featuring the highest skirt and softest blends of the three models, the LS features a refined clubhead shape (457cc) that will produce low launch, low spin and two adjustable weight settings in the heel and toe allow for a neutral or fade-biased ball flight.

Who’s it for: Made for faster swing speeds and players that demand low spin and low launch for maximum workability and control.


Fact Finder: The most versatile of the driver lineup, you can expect medium launch, low spin and a neutral shot shape. The standard AEROJET (460cc) features a sleeker Xtreme profile and an adjustable loft sleeve that offers fine tuning of trajectory and spin.

Who’s it for: Designed for players on Tour as well as amateurs who are after a fast, low spin head with the added benefit of high launch and forgiveness.


Fact Finder: The most forgiving in the lineup, the MAX model will deliver draw-bias and unmatched stability in a low spin design. Its oversized shape (460cc) features a standard Xtreme profile. Two adjustable weight settings in the back and heel allow for a neutral or draw-biased ball flight.

Who’s it for: Perfect for slower swing speed players looking for maximum forgiveness and draw-biased control.

Cobra AEROJET Fairway Woods – Confidence by Design

An elegant design helps to inspire confidence and consistency with the AEROJET fairway woods. Featuring many of the same technologies found in the driver selection, your game will benefit from the brand’s PWR-BRIDGE and PWRSHELL with H.O.T Face. Created from a carbon crown that enables a lower CG, you can also expect a larger forged area, optimised thicknesses and increased CT, for a better smash factor and speeds around the centre.

A sleek profile enhanced in a black, white and blue colour scheme (a cool black, silver and blue in the women’s model) will appeal to the modern golfer and goes a long way to inspire confidence at address.

3 Ways to Dial in Confidence


Fact Finder: A refined and slightly more compact clubhead shape, the LS features the tallest face height of the three models. You can expect low launch, low spin and a neutral to fade biased shot shape.

Who’s it for: The LS is for better players who want a tailored fairway for precise shot shaping.


Fact Finder: Specifically designed to offer versatile shot making and plenty of forgiveness to help make your long game more consistent. You can expect medium launch, low spin and a neutral shot shape.

Who’s it for: The most versatile in the fairway range, this is the model for low to mid handicappers looking for a great combination of distance and forgiveness.


Fact Finder: The MAX offers unrivalled stability to inspire maximum confidence from the fairway or off the tee. Featuring the shallowest face height, you can expect high launch, mid-low spin and a neutral to draw-biased shot shape.

Who’s it for: Perfect for higher handicappers looking for confidence at address, maximum forgiveness and the ability to fine-tune draw bias.

Cobra AEROJET Hybrids – Versatility by Design

Cobra designed the new AEROJET hybrids to blend distance and high launch in an effort to offer golfers more forgiveness on longer approach shots, and better adaptability across different lies. These hybrids offer game-changing technologies like PWR-Bridge Weighting, a suspended bridge that frees up Body Frame and Sole structure for more Face Flex, as well as an updated shaping that includes a lower heel, more rounded crown and slightly raised AFT.

2 Ways to Play


Fact Finder: Blends distance and high launch to provide more forgiveness on longer approach shots and adaptability across different lies. A deep body design paired with a high bounce leading edge, provides more stability through impact and the ability to glide through any turf conditions with ease.

One Length

Fact Finder: All the same tech as above designed in one repeatable setup and swing. Increase confidence and consistency from any distance. PWRSHELL insert also helps to maximise speed, while the H.O.T Face design uses artificial intelligence to deliver better spin = increased forgiveness and control.

Cobra AEROJET Irons – Chase more Flagsticks

When the R&D team at Cobra set about to create their latest irons, they did their research and found that 30% of golfers are looking for accuracy when they buy new irons, 24% feel and 17% forgiveness. Cobra engineers took these figures and used them to create the AEROJET Irons. According to Cobra, the perfect candidates for the range are “deeply dedicated golfers who are intent on getting better at the game.”

The new Cobra AEROJET Irons have been specifically designed to help golfers hunt for the greens like never before. A suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight design works to create a more flexible face and sole to maximise launch and ball speed. Suspended in a soft polymer filler, you can also expect fine-tuned acoustics and feel.

A PWRSHELL insert has also been employed to help maximise speed and launch, while the A.I. designed H.O.T Face delivers more efficient speed and spin by creating a larger sweet spot.

2 Options to Help You Sharpen Up Your Iron Game


Fact Finder: The new AEROJET Irons utilise a Hollow Shell Construction that allows the face insert, toe par area and sole return to flex freely. While the LTDx range was pretty flexible (1.29mm), the AEROJET offers the ultimate flex with 1.43mm of face deflection. The Forged PWRSHELL H.O.T Face features 15 optimised zones for increased CT consistency to deliver greater speed, forgiveness and more distance on off-centre hits.

Who’s it for: According to Cobra, these irons are for aspirational golfers that wish they could play what the better players use but understand that they need forgiveness and are slightly more price conscious. Sounds like most of us!

One Length

Fact Finder: Simple and consistent is how Cobra describes the benefits of One Length irons. In the AEROJET Irons range, all the same tech and innovation has been applied but the One Length options are all the same length and weight (269g) as a 7-iron. This allows golfers to use one repeatable swing and setup throughout their iron play.

Who’s it for: Perfect for any player who wants a more consistent setup in their iron game. One Length irons can greatly benefit poor shortly games and can provide a cure for the wedge yips!

The 2023 Cobra AEROJET range of golf drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons are available to pre-order now at GolfOnline.

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