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G430 MAX 10K: The Pinnacle of Driver Performance

The G430 MAX 10K is a testament to PING's commitment to pushing the boundaries of golf club performance. This driver is engineered for maximum distance and stability, featuring an adjustable weighting system and advanced aerodynamic design. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, the G430 MAX 10K offers a level of customization and performance that can transform your tee shots.

Blueprint S and T Irons: A New Standard for Precision

The Blueprint S and T Irons mark a significant leap in golfing technology. Forged from 8620 carbon steel, these irons offer a harmonious blend of feel and control.

Blueprint S Irons:

These irons cater to players who demand forgiveness without sacrificing precision. The patented Precision-Pocket Forging and elastomer insert in the longer irons shift weight to increase the MOI, enhancing forgiveness and control. Ideal for golfers seeking a blend of forgiveness and shot-making precision.

Blueprint T Irons:

Aimed at skilled players, the single-piece forging offers unrivalled trajectory control and workability. The tungsten toe screw and precision-milled grooves provide the perfect balance of feel and accuracy, making these irons a top choice for players who value control above all else.

PING ChipR Le:

Revolutionising the Short GameThe PING ChipR Le stands out as a unique offering, combining the attributes of a putter and a wedge. This club is specifically designed to simplify the short game, particularly for women and beginners. The investment-cast 431 stainless steel head and precision-milled MicroMax grooves offer a level of control and feel previously unheard of in short-game clubs.

PING's recent launches are a clear indication of their dedication to advancing golf technology. Each club, from the precision-engineered Blueprint Irons to the innovative ChipR Le and the powerful G430 MAX 10K, is designed to enhance your game in ways you've never experienced before. Visit GolfOnline to explore these new offerings from PING and experience the next level of golfing performance.

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