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Practice Makes Perfect – Best Golf Drills to Improve Technique and Lower Scores

Summer 2023 might be drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to improve your game. Maybe you noticed some issues in your form and technique while out of the course, or maybe you just want to have some drills ready to keep you occupied this winter. Whatever the reason, GolfOnline and UK amateur Huxley Howell are here to help. Check out some of Huxley’s go-to drills below. We promise, your golf game will thank you!

Club Dropping Too Far Behind?

What you Need:
Golf Club
Alignment Stick

Problems with your club dropping too far behind you or getting too steep? Try this:

Do You Struggle with an Inside Takeaway?

What you Need:

Golf Club

If you have problems with an inside takeaway, this simple drill will help your form instantly!

Stop Fatting your Chip Shots…

What you Need:
Golf Ball

Want to stop fatting your chip shots? The secret’s in the bounce!

Do You Struggle Shaping the Ball?

What you Need:
Golf Club
Three Golf Balls

Want to know how to hit a draw or fade like a pro? Watch this drill:

Indoor Putting Routine

What you Need:
Putting Mat
Putting Mirror

With the colder months just around the corner, this is the perfect drill you can perfect from the warmth of your own home this winter.


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