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Revolutionising Your Game: The Comprehensive Guide to the TaylorMade Qi 10 Range

2024 heralds a new dawn in golfing technology with the introduction of TaylorMade's Qi 10 range. This lineup isn't just a series of clubs; it's a revolution in golfing performance, accessibility, and style, tailored for every golfer's needs.

Qi 10 Drivers: A Symphony of Power and Precision

  • Qi 10 Driver:

    This club is a marvel of engineering, featuring the lighter and more efficient 60X Carbon Twist Face, ensuring greater energy transfer and consistent ball speed, even on off-centre hits. The Infinity Carbon Crown aligns perfectly with your swing for those long, envy-inducing drives. Picture yourself on the tee, effortlessly launching ball after ball down the fairway, feeling the perfect blend of power and control in your hands.

  • Qi 10 LS Driver:

    Specifically designed for golfers who crave low spin and stability, this driver brings a blend of high MOI and a lower CG, resulting in unparalleled control and precision. Imagine standing on the tee, shaping each shot with confidence, knowing that every swing has the potential for both power and finesse.

  • Qi 10 Max Driver: 

    It boasts a groundbreaking 10K MOI, offering forgiveness like never before. Its max address size pushes mass to the head's perimeter, creating an exceptional MOI. Envision a driver that forgives your mis-hits but still rewards you with straight, long drives.

Qi 10 Fairways: Mastering Distance and Control

  • Standard Fairway:

    With its Infinity Carbon Crown, this fairway wood combines advanced alignment with a 190cc head for a perfect mix of performance and ease of use. Imagine effortlessly navigating both tight lies and tee shots with a club that feels like an extension of your intent.

  • Max Fairway:

    The 200cc head, combined with a very low CG, makes this the ideal choice for golfers seeking forgiveness and high launch. It's like having a secret weapon in your bag, ready to tackle any challenge the course throws at you.

  • Tour Fairway:

    This club's massive 50-gram sliding weight allows you to customise your flight, distance, and spin. It’s crafted for those who approach each shot as a unique challenge, demanding a blend of forgiveness and playability.

Qi 10 Rescues: Your Solution in Tough Situations

  • Standard Rescue:

    This club is a game-changer, especially in tough spots. Its Carbon Crown and V Steel™ sole make it perfect for high launches and optimising ball speed. Whether you're in the rough or facing a daunting fairway shot, this rescue gives you confidence.

  • Max Rescue:

    With its extreme perimeter weighting and ultra-low CG, this rescue club is engineered for high launch and forgiveness. It's the club that turns difficult situations into opportunities for birdies.

Qi 10 Irons: Redefining Iron Play

  • Qi Irons:

    These irons are a work of art, providing straighter shots through patented face technology and FLTD CG™. Every iron in this set is a testament to TaylorMade's commitment to precision and consistency.

  • Qi HL Irons:

    They're designed with weaker lofts and an ultralight component package, perfect for players who benefit from a higher launch and increased clubhead speed. Imagine irons that not only improve your game but also increase your enjoyment of it.

TaylorMade's Qi 10 range is more than just clubs; it's a promise of a better golfing experience. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned pro, these clubs offer a unique blend of technology and playability, sure to enhance your game. Explore the full potential of your golfing skills with the Qi 10 range, available now at

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