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The New Callaway Apex Pro ’24 Golf Irons & Utilities – The Wait is Over!

If you’ve been waiting for the next Apex Pro to drop, you are going to love this post. Since 2014 Callaway Golf has been producing the Apex range to rave reviews. In 2023, Callaway is focussing their attention on the best players in the world and what they look for out of their iron game. Held to the highest of standards, the new Apex Pro Series is revolutionary and expertly designed to enhance the game of the best players in the world – and you!

Held to the Highest Standards

The original Apex golf irons were an absolute success for players in between the pro and game-improver category. Until 2021 the Apex models were released in Standard and Pro. In 2021, the brand made a change, releasing an incredible 5 models to suit a variety of players. For the latest iteration, Callaway engineers have created a lineup that includes three iron models and two versatile options, namely a utility iron and a utility wood. Explore the new Apex Pro Series below and order yours now at GolfOnline!

3 Iron Models to Mix and Match for your Needs

The new Apex Pro Series has been crafted to produce endless combo sets. This gives golfers the chance to really customise iron sets to further enhance their game. All the golf irons in the series feature the same MIM back weight to give fitters more control to dial in their specific swing weights.


For the first time ever in an Apex iron, a hollow body construction pairs a forged face with a forged 1025 carbon steel body to deliver a premium, ultra-soft feel. The new Apex Pro has been specifically engineered for enhanced distance and control, as well as improved turf interaction and superior feel. All in a player’s shape that the better golfers among us will love!

Key Facts: minimal offset, moderate-compact headshape, mid launch, mid spin, mid workability, mid forgiveness; 7-Iron Loft = 33°


These irons are designed for the most discerning tour pros and elite ball-strikers. A tour-cavity back design is paired with an all-new forged construction for a pure feel, precise shot-making and enhanced workability. A progressive CG design throughout the set also helps to improve trajectory control. In the long irons, a lower CG promotes towering shots that land soft into the greens, while the short irons utilise a higher CG for a lower trajectory that promotes more spin for added control.

Key Facts: less offset, compact headshape, low-mid launch, mid spin, mid-high workability, low-mid forgiveness; 7-Iron Loft = 34°


One for the elite players. The new Apex MB (muscle back) Irons have been developed for golfers looking for a high level of performance in a modern Tour blade. Featuring a Dynamic Sole Design, the Apex MB provides more efficient turf interaction, enhanced workability and the classic feel the elite player expects. These irons feature a dual chamfer on the leading edge to cut through turf more efficiently. A trailing edge chamfer provides relief from the turf after contact for enhanced feel. This Dynamic Sole Design maintains speed through the turf and promotes consistent contact on all shots.

Key Facts: least offset, compact headshape, low launch, mid spin, high workability, low forgiveness; 7-Iron Loft = 34°

2 Versatile Utilities


Crafted to provide the better players among us a powerful, yet versatile option off the tee. Featuring a 455 forged face cup and a revolutionary multi-material forged construction, paired with Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres, the Apex UT is engineered for exceptional distance and unmatched feel.

Key Facts: penetrating launch, neutral flight bias, low spin, mid forgiveness, high workability


The go-to option for the best players on Tour. The unique profile of the new Apex UW promotes the launch and distance benefits of a high lofted FW and the versatility of a hybrid, all with a more neutral ball flight. Developed with in-depth feedback from Callaway Tour pros, it’s a multi-purpose club that better players can use off the tee into tight landing areas, out of the fairway into Par-5s or from the rough.

Key Facts: compact players footprint, minimal offset, fixed hosel, mid launch, neutral flight bias, mid spin, mid forgiveness; Available in lofts 17, 19, 21

The Callaway Apex Pro Series is now available to buy at GolfOnline.

Still unsure whether the new Callaway Apex Pro series is right for your game? Why not book a custom fit session with one of the GolfOnline pros and let them dial in your iron game for the perfect fit. Appointments are available now at our northwest London shop, GolfInstore. Book today and start reaping the on-course rewards!

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