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The New Titleist T-Series Golf Irons – Performance in Every Form

What makes Titleist one of the most consistent brands favored on Tour? The ability to create golf clubs that work for every level of player. With the latest T-Series of golf irons, Titleist engineers have once again raised the bar on performance. Working with Tour pros and dedicated amateurs to attack every facet of every T-Series iron to produce a line that represents the best in terms of control, distance, flight, forgiveness, looks, sound and feel.

When Every Shot Counts


For the pros on Tour, every shot counts so they need a product that truly works. The honesty of competitive players is what helps Titleist to shape their irons and also feeds the purity of their designs. To fit some of the best players in the world, including Jordan Spieth, Titleist relies on three dimensions of shotmaking (something the brand refers to as the 3Ds): distance, dispersion and descent angle. When the 3Ds come together, golfers can experience a whole new level of approach consistency.

By getting a custom fit for your new T-Series irons, the fitter will properly assess and dial into your specific strengths, goals and areas of need. This will help to ensure you can reach, hit and hold more greens. At GolfOnline we are proud to offer a superior custom fit service at our London shop, located in Stanmore. Book your appointment today. But before we get you into the shop, let’s explore the new models available in the incredible T-Series!

Titleist T100 – Precision Control, Unrivalled Feel

Fact Finder: This modern Tour iron is preferred by more touring professionals than any other iron in the world. Now it’s made with an even more solid feel. The refined, fully forged dual-cavity construction helps to produce a more solid feel at impact, while the precision CNC face milling process yields more consistent contact for even greater control.

What you can expect: Enhanced Feel, Greater Control, Better Tungsten for Better Flight, Effortless Turf Interaction

Who’s it For: With a subtle shift in CG, the T100 offers more control and consistent ball flight. Perfect for players who value workability.

Titleist T150 – The Faster Tour Iron

Fact Finder: Inspired by the player’s performance and feel of the T100, the T150 is forged into a more confidence inducing shape. Making it a modern Tour iron with dialled up speed. Perfect for players seeking a little more distance from their irons.

What you can expect: Enhanced Feel and Consistency, Shaped to Suit the Player, Effortless Turf Interaction, Better Tungsten for Better Performance

Who’s it For: Based on player feedback, the T150 utilises an optimised topline to help inspire confidence over the ball. The slightly larger shape provides the perfect amount of forgiveness but in a shape that is still compact and Tour-inspired. Great for players who value a player’s shape but are also looking for more distance.

Titleist T200 – Distance Made Solid

Fact Finder: Distance has never felt so good. The entire internal construction of this forged-face iron has been reengineered to create a more stable chassis, refined Max Impact Technology and a new dual taper face. The results equal maximum speed with Tour-level feel.

What you can expect: Enhanced Feel, Clean and Confident Shape, Effortless Turf Interaction, Better Tungsten for Better Scoring

Who’s it For: The ultimate for any player searching for better launch and incredible forgiveness.

Titleist T350 – High. Far. Forgiving

Fact Finder: The T350 represents the game-improvement iron reimagined. Built around a new forged face with a hollow-body construction, it promises maximum launch, distance and forgiveness all in a player’s design.

What you can expect: True Player’s Construction, Fast Across the Face, Effortless Turf Interaction, Better Tungsten for Better Results

Who’s it For: Inspired by the T200, the T350 is designed to be larger and more forgiving. Perfect for golfers in the game-improvement category looking to benefit from Titleist’s most advanced engineering.

Titleist U•505 – The Feel of Ultimate Utility

Fact Finder: Reclaim your long iron game with the U•505. Using Tour input and feedback, Titleist have refined the utility design to provide the high, explosive launch you’re looking for, but with a remarkably solid feel and sound. A new and cleaner shape helps ensure more confidence at address, while the refined Max Impact Technology, reengineered chassis and new Variable Bounce Sole all work to improve overall performance and feel.

What you can expect: Tour-Validated Looks, Enhanced Feel, Improved Off-Centre Accuracy, Effortless Turf Interaction

Who’s it For: Perfect for players wanting a versatile utility club that plays like an iron.

The new Titleist T-Series is available now at GolfOnline. Shop the entire range today and book in your custom fit appointment for the ultimate fitting experience!

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