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Top Selling Metalwoods of 2023 – Pick Your Next Golf Driver, Fairway Wood or Hybrid

Summer is here and the weather is perfect for getting out on the course. What better way to soak up the sun and the longer evenings, than buying the new golf club(s) you’ve been wanting. At GolfOnline we help loads of golfers pick out their new hardware every day, so we know what’s hot, what technology is really worth the hype and what you should be spending your hard-earned cash on.

Here’s our 2023 Top Selling Picks for Metalwoods, featuring a variety of ranges to help you find the perfect club within your perfect budget.  If you’re after a new golf driver, fairway wood or hybrid, we promise, this is the only post you need to read!


FACT FINDER:  The Cobra Aerojet line of golf drivers, fairways and hybrids employs a number of powerful technologies to enable golfers to pursue new levels of speed and distance. From their exclusive PWR-Bridge Weighting to progressive Aero shaping and a PWRSHELL H.O.T Face, the Cobra Aerojet series is perfect for the dedicated golfer intent on getting better at the game. Elegant in design and superior in sound, these clubs will inspire confidence and consistency from anywhere on the golf course.

WHO IT’S FOR:  Validated by some of the fastest players on Tour, the AEROJET Series has been specifically designed to incorporate a number of models that will suit a variety of players.

TaylorMade Stealth 2

£££: £219 - £429


FACT FINDER: Callaway’s latest range, PARADYM, is the brand’s take on how to reimagine golf club design from the ground up. What they hoped to achieve is a complete shift in performance, with designs that radically break the trade-off between distance and exceptional forgiveness. In the golf driver models, an industry-first 360° Carbon Chassis has been employed, removing all titanium from the body by combining a Triaxial Carbon Crown with Callaway’s proprietary Forged Carbon Sole. This helps to make the body a whopping 44% lighter than an all-titanium one. Beyond the Carbon Chassis other game-changing technologies such as a new A.I. Designed Jailbreak system and 455 Face Cup help to make this one of the most highly anticipated releases in recent years.

WHO IT’S FOR: With adjustability available in many of the models, and the option to custom fit any of the PARADYM golf clubs, this is truly a range for every level of player.


£££: £269 - £529


“I recently purchased a Callaway PARADYM X HL Fairway 3 Wood on the recommendation given by GolfOnline, and I must say, it has proven to be a very wise choice. The innovative design of the PARADYM X HL Fairway 3 Wood makes it incredibly easy to swing smoothly through to impact and very forgiving. What has really impressed me about this club is its versatility, whether hitting off the tee or from the fairway, this club is equally effective on long par 5s and shorter par 3s, making it a great all-around option for any skill level of golfer,” Gary, May 2023


FACT FINDER: The new Stealth 2 range of drivers, fairways and rescues are all about forgiveness, or as TM says “FARGIVENESS.” From a 3D Carbon Crown to 60X Carbon Twist Face and low-CG design, the Stealth 2 series is ready to give your 2023 rounds a serious upgrade. The Stealth 2 Driver uses more carbon than any other driver in TM history, with weight being repositioned for better forgiveness and stability.

WHO IT’S FOR: Featuring a number of different models, including those specifically engineered for women, the Stealth 2 series has something to offer every handicap. 

Callaway Paradym

£££:£239 - £529


“I bought this club to replace my old (cheap) 3 wood. I chose TaylorMade as it is the same as my driver, and I was able to choose the same shaft as my driver. Sometimes I find it takes a few rounds to get used to a new club, but I was pleased with it from the very first time I used it. I've only used it from the tee so far, but I am getting better distance from the tee than my old club. It's been a good buy!”Ian, March 2023


FACT FINDER: The new PING G430 series of golf drivers, fairways, hybrids offer golfers of every level of ability the speed, distance and forgiveness they crave. Featuring the latest PING technology, the new Carbonfly wrap is a lightweight composite crown that wraps into the heel and toe of the skirt, saving weight and lowering CG for more ball speed and higher MOI. Other features include Spinsistency, Facewrap Technology and a new moveable weight in the driver models. The PING G430 HL (High Launch) models have been custom built for speed, offering the same tech as the rest of the series but an approximately 15% lighter system weight, specifically designed for clubhead speeds < 75 MPH.

WHO IT’S FOR: These metalwoods have been specifically engineered to suit a variety of players. With the ability to adjust loft, lie and trajectory, PING enthusiasts will love this series.

Titleist TSR

£££: £269 - £499


“Whilst a good club from tee or fairway the G430 (hybrid) seems to really excel from heavy rough or heather. Staying in the bag!” – Bigblue, May 2023


FACT FINDER: Titleist believes that there is greater speed hiding within your swing. With the latest TSR line of Golf Drivers and Golf Fairway Woods, Titleist engineers have worked tirelessly to create a range that represents the brand’s deepest, most complete, most validated understanding of the tee shot. Whether it’s spin, launch angle or impact point, there’s a TSR configuration that will help you max out more consistently and produce the faster ball speeds we’re all dreaming about.

WHO IT’S FOR: With a number of different models, and even ones specifically designed for women, the TSR Series of drivers and fairway woods offers a configuration for every level of player.


£££: £289 - £529


“I traded up from a TSi driver to a TSR and there isn’t really a very significant change. However, the TSR just feels more stable and is the best driver I have ever owned. I ordered this custom fit with a top of the range shaft and have been amazed at the difference this makes. Additionally, I must give credit on the lead time - I was told to expect a Nov delivery and received my new driver mid-September. Well done Titleist and GolfOnline” – Paul, September 2022


FACT FINDER: In 2023, Wilson is relaunching a legend - the DYNAPOWER range. With the help of an A.I. supercomputer, Wilson is hoping to narrow the gap between themselves and other premium golf brands. While the original DYNAPOWER was all about reliable and powerful irons, the latest series has been expanded to include two adjustable drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

WHO IT’S FOR: According to Wilson Golf’s President Tim Clarke, the new DYNAPOWER golf clubs “deliver top-of-the-line products that raise the confidence of golfers at all skill levels.” Perfect for golfers looking for top-notch technology at a lower price point than Callaway or TaylorMade. 

Mizuno ST-230

£££: £179 - £399


“Yep, it’s as good as the top end drivers. The sound and feel are very pleasing. Best buy is a minimum 5mph ball speed increase and on some shots up to 10mph,” – Jon, April 2023

Still not sure which golf club is right for you? One of the best ways to ensure the club you’re purchasing is right for you, is to get it custom fit. At GolfOnline we offer a superior custom fit service that will have you swinging better and further than ever before. Book in now and start reaping the on-course rewards!

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