Callaway PARADYM Woods and Irons Review – a Definitive Shift in Performance

Callaway Golf is entering 2023 looking to create a new paradigm for golfers. With their latest lineup unveiled, PARADYM is the brand’s take on how to reimagine golf club design from the ground up. What they hope to achieve is a complete shift in performance, with designs that radically break the trade off between distance and exceptional forgiveness. Read on to find out if Callaway succeeded in their quest to achieve a new PARADYM of performance.

Callaway PARADYM Drivers – An Industry-First Innovation

Callaway has really pulled out all the stops with the PARADYM Driver design. An industry-first 360° Carbon Chassis has been employed, removing all titanium from the body by combining a Triaxial Carbon Crown with Callaway’s proprietary Forged Carbon Sole. Callaway states the results are a body that’s a whopping 44% lighter than an all-titanium one. The saved weight is then repositioned both forward to enhance ball speed and toward the back of the clubhead for increased forgiveness.

Beyond the carbon chassis, Callaway have unveiled a new A.I. Designed Jailbreak system that’s 33% lighter than its predecessor. Used to enhance stability and ball speeds, the new Jailbreak is designed to increase stiffness in the body for more face flex and increased ball speeds.

3 Ways to Dial in Ball Flight

PARADYM – Distance & Adjustability

Fact Finder: The best combination of distance, forgiveness and adjustability. A 15g sliding weight allows players to experience an average 12 yards of shot shape correction. It’s modern shaping offers mid-high launch, low spin and a neutral flight bias.

Who’s it for: A refined shape with high MOI and adjustable perimeter weighting, this driver is made for players of every skill level.

PARADYM X – Distance & Forgiveness

Fact Finder: Built for high launch with a high MOI, the X also features a generously stretched profile address. A 5g rear weight is positioned to help increase launch and lower spin for maximum carry distance. The stretched back shape offers a high launch, mid-low spin and a semi-draw flight bias.

Who’s it for: The X is engineered for the golfer seeking extreme forgiveness and a slight draw bias.

PARADYM TRIPLE DIAMOND – Distance & Workability

Fact Finder: At 450cc the triple diamond offers more compact head model (other 2 models are 460cc). It is the lowest spinning and lowest launching driver in the range and offers a neutral ball flight. A 14g back weight can be positioned in the front for lower spin and maximum workability.

Who’s it for: It’s compact Tour-shaping is made for better players who like to work the ball.

The Fairway Woods – Up to 7 Yards Longer

The new Callaway PARADYM Fairway Woods utilise the completely new construction in the PARADYM series to eliminate weight from the body and reposition it for unprecedented gains in speed and MOI. Each of the three models has been uniquely designed to offer specific players their maximum performance.

The brand’s new A.I. designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology works by increasing stiffness in the body for more face flexure. The results of this = higher balls speeds, more distance and, according to Callaway, up to 7 yards more distance than the Rogue ST Max fairway woods. Other new features include 23g of high-density tungsten (the Tungsten Speed Cartridge) that helps push CoG low and forward for optimal launch and spin, as well as a new A.I. designed high-strength face cup to help promote better speed and consistency across the entire face.

3 Ways to Add Distance

PARADYM – Distance & Adjustability

Fact Finder: Featuring a more progressive shape, this is the range’s most robust fairway model. An adjustable hosel in the 3W and 3HL models allows players additional control and ability to really dial-in launch. You can expect high launch, low spin, neutral flight bias, all in a shallow face profile with a modern footprint.

Who’s it for: The most versatile of the three models, the PARADYM will suit a variety of golfers. Especially those looking for high launch with a neutral ball flight.

PARADYM X – Distance & Forgiveness

Fact Finder: Engineered with a more upright lie angle and neutral face at address, the X offers the highest launch of the three models, with low spin and a semi-draw flight bias. A forged Carbon toe patch redistributes weight to the heel, making this fairway easy to turn over.

Who’s it for: The X model features the most forgiving shape of the three models and produces the highest launch with a slight draw bias. Making it the perfect choice for the golfer who craves forgiveness.

PARADYM TRIPLE DIAMOND – Distance & Workability

Fact Finder: Callaway says this is their most compact fairway wood shape with a deeper face at address. An adjustable hosel allows players to further dial in trajectory. You can expect penetrating launch, with the lowest spin of the three models, as well as a neutral flight bias. With a deep face profile and compact footprint, the triple diamond is made for stronger players.

Who’s it for: Engineered for better players who value penetrating ball flight with lower spin.

The Hybrids – Redefining the Long Game

With the new PARADYM Hybrids, Callaway is hoping to redefine how golfers approach their long game. Featuring the new PARADYM Shift Construction, the hybrids’ Cutwave Sole design has been specifically engineered to help improve the club’s performance through the turf.

Utilising the best speed technologies from their fairway woods, Callaway has worked hard to adapt them to offer players maximum distance in their most versatile hybrids to date. Other features include the all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge, Jailbreak with Batwing Technology and an A.I. Designed high strength 455 Face Cup that optimises ball speed and improves spin robustness across the entire face. An adjustable hosel also allows players to fully optimise trajectory and control.

2 Ways to Go Long

PARADYM – Distance & Versality

Fact Finder: This mid-sized hybrid offers minimal offset, high launch and a neutral flight bias. You can expect excellent versatility and control.

Who’s it for: Aimed at low to mid handicappers who want a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid.

PARADYM X – Distance & Forgiveness

Fact Finder: This oversized hybrid offers moderate offset, high launch, mid spin and a semi-draw bias. You can expect excellent versatility and forgiveness.

Who’s it for: Aimed at mid to high handicappers who value a full-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long and offers forgiveness.

The Irons – The Best of Both Worlds

Callaway is using the latest in technology to transform their iron range. With the new PARADYM the brand is combining distance with a high level of feel, to offer discerning players everything they have ever wanted. The PARADYM Shift Construction combines a Forged 455 Face with the all-new Speed Frame to give players what Callaway describes as “the best of both worlds.&rdquo

Beyond the A.I. designed Forged 455 Face Cup and Speed Frame, the PARADYM Irons use a forged face and patented Urethane Microspheres to deliver an ultra-soft and premium sound that better players demand. Dual Tungsten Weighting enhances both launch and forgiveness, as well as improving speed on those pesky mis-hits.

2 Ways to Power your Iron Game

PARADYM – Distance & Versatility

Fact Finder: This players’ shaped iron features minimal offset, a mid sole width and compact headshape, with up to 67g of Tungsten Weighting. A pre-worn leading edge is designed to cut through the turf more efficiently to offer players greater forgiveness when and where they need it most.

Who’s it for: Perfect for the golfer who is looking for a player’s distance iron. Handicap range = 4 to 12.

PARADYM X – Distance & Forgiveness

Fact Finder: The X irons feature a thicker topline and forgiving sole. Featuring moderate offset, a wide sole width and a mid-sized headshape, these game-improvement irons also have up to 79g of Tungsten Weighting.

Who’s it for: These irons are in the game-improvement category and perfect for those players with a 12+ handicap.

The all-new Callaway PARADYM series is available to pre-order from GolfOnline from 20th January 2023. Explore the entire range on our website now and book in your custom fit appointment at GolfInstore.

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